Raihan Year 10 in September - I'm texting much later, these videos are funny now that I watch them, I wonder which teachers still work there. Secondary school is a pain, but there are much more lessons and teachers and classmates, miss being in Cyril Jackson I miss everyone including all teachers, it was a mesmerising experience to be a primary schooler!

Raihan year 10 - This brings back good memories! Wish I was still there.

Myanh yr 9 - I'm texting in Yr 9 I'm so late.

saida y2 - I will really miss everyone

BTS FAN IN THE HOUSE!!!! - Good vid

Rishi 3DRE - We will miss them so much

Ritu Y4 - I am going to miss year 6 sooooooooooo much! Good luck in the years ahead.

Farangiz yr2 - I wish you good luck .

SafaYr4 - Stay safe

Khalid Year 7 Now - Damn I miss CJ. Havn't seen Kaisaan since primary

SafaYr4 - It was so sad when some of u started crying belly dacing was my favourite bit. This is probably my fav Yr6 leavers show ! I'll miss u guys ! I nearly started crying it was so emotional!

Kaamilah year 7 - Missing my friends

arif yr7 - Missing all my mates and teachers .):

hamzah - YR4 u guys had a lot of fun by the looks of it and i really missed you

Kaamilah going into yr7 - I miss my best friends sooooooo much!

Mahirah - This holiday is going soooooo fast!!! I am seriously missing everyone in our year,
I wish I could start primary all over again!!!!!

mahfuza - I seriously miss everyone in our year. I'll always remember u all especially my friends. Always know that u guys are always going to be my best friends for life. - Mariam Iqra Kaamilah Yanis Jannah
Especially Mahirah u will always be my bffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff for life no matter what

Bella - This is funny but when will the show be put up

kaamilah going into yr7 - Hi! Hope your doing well but when is the leavers show going to go on the website

kaamilah going to secondary school - I'm already missing everyone.

SadikaYr4 - We will miss u year 6 good luck that will be me one day crying my eyes out

Aliyah year 6 - I miss all my friends soooooooo much. It's been soooo long since I've seen them

Mariam going to secondary - CJ it's only the 3rd week and I'm already missing you

Fahaim yr6 - Already missing you all !

Iqra year 6 - The make me sad. I miss everyone truly. were the one and only and I miss each and everyone soooooooooo much especially my friends. bye miss you all!

khlid yr 7 now - Gonna miss yr 6 but when are the school putting the yr6 leaver show up

umayrah r4 - That was so cool yr6

SafaYr4 - I'll miss u guys. Hope u have a great life and be happy

kaamilah year 6 - Farewell CJ!!!!!!!!!

Nathaniel YR5 - Good luck I miss you all! Best friends or worst enemies . I love you all . WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! LOL!

Iqra year 6 - Miss everyone soooooooooooooooo much . Never forget last year 6 byyyyyyyeeeee!

safia 4LWI - I almost cried and laughed so hard.WE WILL MISS U

Bella yr6 - Evey moment in this school has made us stronger for secondary school life

Paige ye 6 - Miss u all

Kaamilah year 6 - I\'m really going to miss CJ sooooooo much! I feel really sad that I'm leaving. Thank you to all the teachers in Cyril Jackson. Good luck in secondary school everyone.

Deen yr7 old school - bye miss u too

Enes yr5 - WE WILL MISS YOU YEAR SIX!! Come visit us after .

Paige yr6 - I miss CJ

Aliyah year 6 - I can't believe our time at CJ has come to an end I will never forget u CJ

Miss Kent, Miss Boyle, Miss Hall. - yr6 I will miss you let me know how you are doing. Bella was always friendly like the rest of my class. Let us know what you get up to. See you again

Tahera yr5 - Bye yr6 we'll miss you

Mariam yr6 - Farewell CJ

mahirah -year 6 - CJ I will miss u loads and I will never forget you .All thanks goes to teachers.It was a great year with everyone ????????????

I\'m gonna miss everyone ????????

yr 6hamim - See you again

Robiya 3DRE - We will miss you! And it was very emotional while watching. See you soon

Nacholas - I am sad to leave CJ forever.

Mariam yr6 - CJ we will miss you and we will never forget you!

Mahfuza in Y6 - I feel so sad that I am going to be leaving Cyril Jackson. I will miss all my classmates especially my friends.

Sumayyah E ???? - I cried soooo much and I'll miss you guys a lot!! You've always been there.

Minhaj - I will miss you

Jannah_Yr6 - I'm gonna miss everyone!

Nathaniel YR5 - I will miss you Year 6! You have worked sooo hard! Getting from Nursery to Year 6 is a big achievement. You have worked hard and persevered. Well done! You deserve it! Good luck at secondary!

Mariam yr6 - CJ we will miss you heaps, and we will never forget you!

kayla Y4 mrs Williams class besties safia and ritu - AWWWW! I CRIED IT WAS SO EMOTIONAL BUT FUNNY !!! FAREWELL YEAR 6 WE WILL MISS YOU!!

Bella-year6 - This was really emotional watching this again and seeing how the years has made us stronger for anything

Malina yr4 - This is real cool but hilarious WE MISS YOU YEAR SIX!!

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