Umayrah yr 7 - I miss the school, everyone, too but it is ok as we will remember this amazing school and the fantastic teachers also students 😇😎👍

Sabiha (jabiha) - Really miss the school and everyone else

Abid A - Am never gonna forget about Cyril jackson

Safa - I miss you guys soooooooo much. I really want to go back. So many memories in that place. The show was amazing!!!

Ramisa - I loved year 6 and I miss it so much the reason it was the best was not only because of the students but because of the teachers.

Gilman - I really do miss this school wish I could visit 😭😭🥺

Naima - I miss this school already I wish I was still in this school

Mehjabin ( Mehji) - I miss you guys so much!!!! I love the show

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