Hasibul - I'm going to miss you Yasmin

kye yr8 - Good luck year 6

Nathaniel Mendes - I miss all of u guys! Too bad i Couldn't be there!!
I grew up i this school and to leave was hard. I miss u guys so much

Ishaq - I didn't know this was here but ok might as well goodluck

Ishaq - You actually commented but ok yeah I had fun but still depressed I wasn't in the show jk

Sami Ahmed - Man I wanna go back in time

Nabeela - Hitting me in the feels... Missing all of you!
Cyril Jackson was the best days of my life!

Adib Zawad 3DRE Mr Read - Wonderful performance!!!!!!!! I absolutely loved it!!!!!!!!!

Sumzi - Miss you guys soooo much😞

Zayd yr7 - I miss this place😂and my friends

Samira - I miss Cyril Jackson so much!!!

Maelyn Milanovna Year 7 - I miss all of you good luck Xx

Danny - Wow, I’m really going to miss this place! :D

Saffiyah Chowdhury - Ill miss you lot:
Summayah x2

Ill miss you

Tahera - That was the best leavers show ever! I am going to miss Cyril Jackson

Ayaan - Well done everyone on the performance

Amira - Well done year 6. You did a fantastic play

Ozlem Gunes - Hello
The show was wonderful.I’m Prince Charming’s mother. When the children smile the world smiles.Thank you for everything

Tawseef Y10 - Good Luck Year 6

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