Year 6 have a mystery to solve! Just who did kill Mr Backett?




joe - This was awesome

Tawseef Y10 - Cant believe already 1 year left until Year 11 from year 6 to year 11 went so fast

Ehsaan Rashad - Hi Fabiha I miss you when shall we link up again

Zakariya - I just came back to see this and i see ehsaan with fabiha

Ehsaan Yr9 - @Fabiha When do you wanna go nandos

Ehsaan yr9 - @fabiha miss you too hope we can meet up soon

Safa - Stay safe

Lamiha - Been a while still wish we could all go back. Memories that will stay with me always.

Tawseef Y9 - Wish gone back in Y6

Fabiha yr 9 - Wish I could turn back time and see all of my friends and teachers again????

Fabiha chowdhury yr 9 - I miss you Ehsaan hope you've been doing well ;)

Ehsaan Yr7 - Man I was so cool I should be an actor

Chloe 3cma - Not in year 6 yet but looking forward to it 👍

Yaseen - Throwback

Manna - Throwback

Saber - Looking back at this play, I still feel proud.

Leila Pearson - Wow guys, well done! I wish I could have been there to do it with you. have a great time in secondary school!!!

Sameera - I have watched this sooo many times and i am still not fed up. I really miss cj and all my friends.

Bailey - Well done

Amani - I loved your play I wish I could see another one! Well done yr 6

rebecca yr7 - Hi, great job hope all going well miss u guys.x

Sumaya - Well done, I really enjoyed the performance!!!!😎😎

Yahya yr3 - That was FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!! Keep up the hard work!

Saber - I really liked this performance! We worked our socks off on this!

Amina CFGS - It was such a good play I loved it it makes me miss my school 😔😭😄

iqra ggs yr7 - I loved how we put all our effort in our play, I wanna come back into yr6. Love you guys and I miss you.

Aqeela - I gonna miss all of you I really wish I didn\'t leave 😔😭😂

Umaiya-CFGS YR7 - It was brilliant I loved it!!

malina - They developed skills for year 7, well done

Namih - Brilliant play!!!!! I loved every second. Marvellous and and very humorous! I miss u all

Nazrin khatun - I'm really going to miss Cyril Jackson. I want to thank my teachers: Miss Hall, Miss Fisher, Miss Vardy, Mrs Higgins, Mr Backett and Miss Chan Bell for getting me ready for secondary. Thank you!!!

Tawseef - I don't want to leave! Bye CJ!

Fabiha Chowdhury - My time at Cyril Jackson has been the best ever .I really don't want to leave . Good luck Year 6 in secondary school. I will miss all the teachers and all my friends who are not going to my school, St Paul's Way.

Mariam Bangura Year 7 - I really enjoyed your play. It looked like you guys had loads of fun. I hope you bring your acting skills to year 7 :)

Zahirah - I had a brilliant time performing the play. I hope you enjoy watching it as we have put in a lot of hard work.

Tawseef cousin Samiul Yr 8 - Well done Year 6! Keep it up!!

Tarek - Although I came to CJ in year 6 I really don't want to leave!

Tawseef Year 6 - Well done Year 6! Keep it all up in secondary! Keep up the hard work!!

Lamiha yr6 - thanks to all of you who love our play. I will always remember this play and i loved performing it. I will miss this when i leave. So sad :(

Tawseef - Well done to all of the Year 6! Keep it up

mahnaz - It was fantastic! WELL DONE!!!

Zaynab - I liked your play

Farhana - I hope you enjoy this play! We\'ve done lots of hard work to make it how it is!