Goodbye and good luck to everyone leaving Cyril Jackson this year!


Poppy - Year 11 - We were all so little!

Sidra in year 11 now - I can't believe we're in yr11 now!!!! I miss everyone soo much. Good luck with your GCSEs.

Ahirah in yr 11 now - GCSEs coming soon, can't believe I'm in yr 11 i miss everyone soooo much!!!!!!!

Hanawi - Good luck

Myanh - I wish I could turn back time to primary I miss all of you..

Ahirah - I miss primary soooooo much wish I could go back :(

Shweb - Wow

Ads - Have fun in secondary

Anan - I miss this school and everyone-yr9

Sidra - I miss you too

Tung - I miss you Sidra!!! G luck for yr 9

Shuayb - Who else is on that fortnite grind?

Naym - Greta - La Boowsh! Means Great school!

Lilly-year8 - OMG I miss everyone lolololololololololololololol

Madiha - We all will miss you

Peppa Pig - Watching this video in 2017 brings back memories! Year 8. Good times Gone. But more things to look forward to. Viewers it is me Txz

Sajida going 2 yr 8 - Hey guys I'm missing everyone soooooooooooooo much and miss every boy and girl from our class xx

juwayriya - Guys I wanna come back to primary

Bella-year6 - I hope our future year six will cherish and love everyone in their year group

Malina - Hope u have a good time guys XD LOL

Sumaya - I actually want to come back here. Secondary\'s not that bad but then it\'s not the best :D

Abdullah Rahman - Do you guys remember me from year 3 h? Hi Miss Athony and Miss Wala if you're still teaching, its been such a long time since I've met you guys!

Sumaya - The way we still comment on this lol, by the way, how is everyone?

Ibrahim 3DRE - See ya lata. Gaters. Good luck in Yr8,Yr6. BBBBBYYYYYYEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aliyah Year 6 - Good luck

Bella -
I hope you have a lovely time in year 7.

abir yr 3 - I will miss you all.

Uma - How is everyone in secondary?
I miss all my friends 😢😢😢😭😭😭😭

Rose Year 6 - Good luck next year!💖

Amariah year 4 - Love you forever 😄😄😄😄

Inaya yr 5 - Good luck year six

Mahfouza - Well done year 6 😄 I'm going to miss you guys so much ❤️😘💘😔😢😪 Good luck 😌 Hope you come and visit ❣

Iqra - Well done year 6 😀 Going to miss you guys so much ❤️😘😔😪💘 good luck 🙂

Samirah - I\'m going to miss everyone 😘❤️

Taifah - Gonna miss everyone! Good luck in secondary!

Tahmid - I will miss you all.

Nimah - I will miss everyone so much.

Abdisalam - Good luck

Abdulahi - Good luck

Samirah, Yr3 - Good luck in secondary school, Year 6.

Ronnie-yr6 - I can't believe I am going to leave. Everyone was my friend.

Juwayriya - Can\'t believe I\'m leaving Cyril Jackson! After 7 years with my class I\'m gonna miss everyone so much 😭

Amani yr3 - Best wishes and good luck

Mehreen Yr3 - Good luck, I hope you have a lovely secondary school. Best Wishes.

Hamza - Gonna miss everyone, good luck for the future

preeti in year 6 whos going to year 7 - I will miss year 6 so much. I will never forget the wonderful teachers!!! :)

bella yr5 - Good luck year six. Hope you visit 😢💖 well done

Tawseef - Good luck Year6 for Year 7 have fun good luck:)

yaseen - Hope u have a good time in secondary

Naym - This year was sick and i will miss everyone boy and girl in the class

Mahnaz - I\'m going to miss you guys sooooooo much😭❤😢

Khadijah - I\'m going to miss everyone so much good luck in secondary ❤️😘😭

Aliyah - Good luck in the future year6

Khadijah - I\'m going to miss everyone so much ❤️😘😭

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