Year 4 were joined by Bigfoot as part of our World Book Day celebrations. They learnt, rehearsed and performed The Iron Man by Ted Hughes all in just one day!


Maelyn Milanovna year 7 - Wow! That performance was amazing! I remember when I did that in year 4

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaa !! Wooooo hoooooo !! That was incredible !! - Yeeeeeeeaaaa !! Woooooo hooooo!! That's was incredible !!!

Seyma Oflaz - That was the best play ever, well done everyone.

Zarin nishat yr 4 - Omg did you see me and hey shumayah

B - I was amazing and fun

Yasmin - It was so fun

Ayaan chowdhury - I liked the part that the Iron Man defeated the dragon

Raihanur Raihanur rob - Did you see me at the beginning of the play?

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