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Tower Hamlets Council are consulting on creating School Streets around both buildings at Cyril Jackson Primary School.

They would like to know what you think, so please take the time to reply.

Reply to the proposals...


What are School Streets?

School streets are pioneering schemes to transform roads outside schools, so that pedestrians and cyclists can use them safely at school start and finish times. The Mayor of Tower Hamlets has an aspiration to develop 50 School Streets by 2022.

We want to create areas where children can safely walk or wheel to and from school. School streets aim to encourage activity, reduce pollution and help growth, learning and development. Each school will have different proposals, but all will aim to reduce air pollution at the school gate. Staff, residents and businesses will still be able to access the area while making it safer and quieter for the school and the community.

Why do we need School Streets?

To improve road safety - Unfortunately, children are some of the most vulnerable road users. As part of the School Street we look at the design of the roads and pavements to make it as safe as possible for children on the way to and from school.

To protect children from pollution - Harmful air pollution affects the health and wellbeing of children. Children’s lung capacity can be reduced by breathing toxic air
which can affect all organs in their body and their long term health. Find out more at

To encourage active travel - Busy roads can make it feel unsafe to walk and cycle. We can widen pavements, introduce crossings and calm traffic to allow more children to safely walk, scoot and cycle. Where possible, schools can provide space for storing bikes and scooters safely. Find out more at

How will the School Street work?

  • Grenade street (between Three Colt Street and Gill Street) would be made a pedestrian and cycle only zone between 8.30-9.15am and 3.15-4.00pm on school days.
  • Access for residents and businesses of these streets, school staff, blue badge users and SEND pupils will be allowed if the vehicle is registered for an exemption, which can be requested free of charge using a form online.
  • When in operation (between 8.30-9.15am and 3.15-4pm) other vehicles driven by visitors, parents and delivery vehicles will not be permitted to enter the zone when in operation.
  • Vehicles not registered within the restricted streets can leave during operational hours but cannot return between 8.30-9.15am and 3.15-4pm on school days.
  • The zones will be enforced by cameras and any vehicles entering them that have not been registered for an exemption will be automatically issued a penalty charge notice.
  • We are also introducing Green Walls, Clean Air Gardens and tree planting in and around the school.