KS2 headed to Mile End Park Stadium for their 2016 sports day.


cat's rule - Amazing work

Safa - Fun times

zayd y6 - Can't wait til 2018 sports day

Ritu - I wish sports day was longer

Nabeela year 5 - It was so much fun

Maelyn Milanovna Year 6 - I like the one k race at the end.

Bella-year6 - I actually miss sports day lol

Kayla - Love sports day, best day ever! I want to do it again tomorrow please Miss Kemp!

Ritu - I love sports day too, I was 2nd in the sprint.

Mehreen Yr3 - WOW sports day was really fun

Yg - It was really fun.

Imaani - It was fun

Nimah - It was a great day

Elisy - I loved sports day. I won the 1k race for girls.

Tareq Y5 - It was fun, especially since my brothers were in blue and yr 3

Jezhan : AEN2 - Sports day was the best

Aliyah y5 - Sports day was great

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