Whilst your child is self-isolating, home learning will be provided via Google Classrooms. Please log on to Google Classroom through Wonde using your child's emoji password. This password can be found in the home learning pack that was sent home at the end of Autumn term 1.

On the 1st day of your child's self-isolation, you will receive the code/codes that they will need to use in order to access their classroom. The codes will be sent via text message.

You will need to ensure any other Google users are logged out of Google on the device before you log in.

More information including instructions for how to access Google Classrooms, can be found here in the Provision for Home Learning section of the website.

You can also find additional resources in the Links section of the website.

You can find specific Year Group information, including Timetables, Termly Overviews and End of Year Expectations by visiting the Year group section of the website.