Our ambitious plans to build a new library in the grounds of the North Building will ensure 'reading for pleasure' is at the heart of what we do at Cyril Jackson, but we still need your help. Currently we are trying to raise £150,000 to help fund this project.

If you think you could help, by donating any amount, please take a look at the Schools Funding Network.

Extending the north building site with the sole purpose of providing a dedicated library and librarian will ensure the best start for all our children and families.

Children will have dedicated library time, with a qualified librarian. Learning the essential research skills as well as fine tuning their reading skills of skimming and scanning in order to choose a book which will maintain their interest and enthusiasm.

We envisage 'parent and community' sessions running throughout the day with the librarian, storyteller and authors. Many will be local families whose children attend Cyril Jackson, however, we hope to see high numbers of parents from the local community who live in the local area.

After-school opening would encourage families and children to gain confidence in the use of a library and extend these skills throughout their children's education.

Offering free internet access to local residents would encourage further involvement with the community.