14 days until Christmas. Have you opened our advent calendar today?


Khaledyr3 - Best sports day!! I came second out of yr3 and yr4 1k raceπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜…

Adian - It was the best sports day ever I enjoyed it

Ella yr5 - Best sports day ever

aliceyr5 - so fun
and rainy
until the 1k

aliceyr5 - It seemed to be sunny on camera. I was not that warm until after the 1k

Tasseen - Best sports day ever

Taaha Year 3 - This had to be the best sports day ever.

RituY5 - Sports day was fun.But I did come second in the sprint.

Robiya 4 - This was the best sports day ever
#loved it

Kaylayr5 - Loved sports day but the day after I felt like fell of the 10th floor of a tall building!

nafisa - i wish we could go there again.

Amirah yr5 - Loved this sports day

Zayd y6 - Best sports day ever