Safa (Now in Yr 6) - I was the grey teddy bear

saffiyah - That was so fun

Ella - I like it

RituY5 - Ms Bosley's last performance with us😭😭😭😭😭😭.It was fun with her

Yahya A 4PJA - Best play ever 🙃🙃

Madiha - I miss Ms Bosely :( she was an amazing director!

Safa Yr5 - Best show ever! Last show ever with Ms Bosely! So sad!

Tasseen - Best show ever

Amirah Yr5 - I enjoyed it

Gilman year5 - This was really fun!!!

Riyaadh 4JHO - I love it. I'm in it OMG I LOVE THIS

Hafsah - I loved this show

chloe 4jho - It was great fun lol

rose - I enjoyed being the child in this play

Mariam - I enjoyed rehearsals, they were funny.

Alice 4JHO - I loved being part of the play

Samara 4jho - I was a narrator in a purple suit

Samara-4jho - I loved this play

Abid - It was funny

nafisa - I cant find myself TBH

Faraz - It was pretty funny

Amirah year 5 - I really enjoyed being in the play

Tahiya- 4JHO - This is awsome I'm on there OMG

Alvira - Good l can here your loud voice and have a happy Christmas

Me - It was very funny

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