Abid I - I love it i wish i was in it

Sofia - Amazing

Adib 3DRE - I was a mouse in the play and I loved the whole play and loved act in it. And thank you Miss Boyle for helping us practice the play.

Abubakar - Wow

Manha 3DRE 2018 - Thank you EVERYONE!

Abid I - This is amazing I enjoyed watching this

Hanifa - Love this❤❤

Ella Yr6 - Thank you miss Boyle for letting me take part of a narrator

Rose - I loved it.

Tahiya 5JHW - I was a dancer and now I see me. Merry Christmas, I love it.

Ella - I just like it

Adian Yr5 2018 - Thank you Mr Hwang for letting me take part of dancing and thank you Miss Boyal