Throughout their time at Cyril Jackson, pupils are made aware of the importance of personal development – covering a wide range of issues. Many topics will be covered in the curriculum planning, but other elements are dealt with at the appropriate age and level, including relationships, personal hygiene, drug education, community cohesion and safety on roads and other contexts. The subject of conflict resolution may be undertaken using outside support. Parents/carers are kept informed of issues being addressed and are invited to be involved.

During their time at Cyril Jackson, children are given the opportunity to learn about aspects of sex and relationship education, focusing on their changing bodies and the creation of new life. As children get older, this is presented in small single sex groups, in such a way that gives due regard to moral considerations and the value of family life.  Children’s questions are answered in an open, sensitive and honest manner in order to avoid confusion and anxiety.

Parents/carers are invited to meet with teachers and view the teaching materials used prior to the commencement of the topic. We respect the right of parents/carers to withdraw their children from all or part of the non science-based lessons.