Our Music Vision

At Cyril Jackson we aim to foster a passion and appreciation for music.  We give every child the opportunity to learn about different styles and purposes of music from a wide range of historical and cultural pieces.   

Gifted and Talented children are recognised quickly and are supported and encouraged to nurture their skills through small group sessions and extra performance opportunities.   

It is our vision that the weekly music lessons give the opportunity for children to become real musicians. The children participate in singing, tuned and untuned percussion work, composition, and listening to live and recorded music. 

All children are taught the skills to be able to compose using musical instruments. Musical notation is taught from KS2 and children are taught technical musical terminology e.g. rhythm, melody, pitch, dynamics, timbre, texture. This language is embedded throughout their music lessons and within daily ‘Listening Minutes’ which allows children to listen to a range of recorded music and discuss within a cross curricular context.  It is our aspiration that all children will be able to discuss, read and understand music notation by the time they leave Cyril Jackson.

Music is used to unite the school.  We celebrate different cultures within Cyril Jackson by welcoming parents, friends and professional musicians to share the music of their culture, giving children to opportunity to listen to live music.  Weekly Phase singing assemblies are led by our music specialist teacher and focus on learning different genres of song, teaching children how to sing with a sense of pitch and melody.  They are taught how to warm up their voices, sing in rounds and harmony, and build up a repertoire of songs.  Once a half term children are taught how to sing and sign a song.  Musical vocabulary taught within music lessons is used within these singing sessions consistently by teacher and children alike.   

We believe that it is important to give children as many performance opportunities as we can in both solo and group contexts.  Every 2 weeks children perform a song as a whole school in the whole school assembly.  We have a school choir which meet each week and perform as a choir at whole school events and who do performance in the local area throughout the year. To further inspire the children to sing, we have started a ‘Cyril Jackson Adult Community Choir’ who also meet weekly. This Community Choir consists of parents and friends of the school and they are invited to sing at whole school events and school assemblies. 

We strive to make partnerships with other schools and agencies to help enrich our children’s experiences of music and performing arts.  We want children to adopt a lifelong love of music and performance and therefore aim to provide every child with the skills, confidence and appreciation which will allow them to access any form of music they wish to in their futures.