At a school, somewhere not so far from you, excitement levels are reaching fever pitch with thoughts of the plentiful presents and parties that the Christmas season will bring. It’s clear to Mr Potts, the caretaker, that something may have been overlooked...


Samirah (Year 6) - I can still remember trying to learn the part as a narrator and how excited I felt when I got the part. I really loved doing this play.

Qaasim(Now in year6) - I can remember this so clearly

Safa (Now in Yr6) - OMG I remember this play! It was the first ever play I was a narrator. I remember this so clearly!

Kayla (Now in year 6) - This was the very first Christmas play I was in I still remember how excited I was to do it back then.When I saw Miss patel-Ali,I actually broke down into tears because she was my first teacher in Cyril Jackson and she left and I miss alot.But this was awsome

Safa (Now in Yr6) - This was the first ever Christmas performance I was in! I remember this like it was yesterday. Just watching it makes me think about the days when me and my friends used to be a bit more younger and now I can't believe that I'm in Yr6! I miss a lot of the teachers. :(

Madiha (Now in yr 6) - OMG I remember this so clearly!

safa Yr2 - It was good being a narrator

malina - Thank you

Parent - I could not attend the Christmas show because I was at work. I would like to thank the staff at the school for recording the show. It was a pleasure to watch the show at home with my son. My son was singing along and telling me what\'s happening. Well done to the whole team children and staff.

Marlo Webster - I loved the creativity, costumes and engaging storyline. Miss Wasik was amazing directing and singing along from the back. I'm happy I made it, it was worth the dash across London leaving work early. I enjoyed every moment, the melodies, song and the tireless effort of Mr Potts to make the baubles. Beautiful play... thanks to the staff and children.

Ola Gbadamosi - Wish I was amazing performance!

a parent - I loved it so very much

syeed - I loved it. It was amazing

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